Is this a gym?

NO! We are not a regular gym where you come in here and do your own thing. We are a coaching facility for teaching people to become fit and healthy. You don't pay us to use the equipment, you pay us to get RESULTS. To do that, we all work out together, and you get a lot of coaching/training just like you would with a personal trainer.

I am a beginner, or really out of shape is this really for me?

YES! CrossFit Marshfield welcomes individuals from all ages and fitness levels. Our workouts are scaled/modified to benefit anyone of any fitness level from seniors to triathletes. Our coaches will teach you how to correctly perform the movements required during each workout, and will help you select an amount of weight or a variation on an exercise that is appropriate for you. Our members range from 14 to 70, from collegiate athletes to those that have never workout before. In short, if you care about your health, the way you look and feel, real-life performance, or just want to look better naked, CrossFit Marshfield is for you.

Why is your membership so expensive?

The short answer is it's NOT! The cost of a regular gym and health club does not include personalized small group training. They can have thousands of members because they know most will not go. Our higher prices reflect our commitment to offering you the best possible personal fitness training in the area. Think about how much small group sessions or personal training sessions cost. ($30-$100 per hour). At CrossFit Marshfield, we charge our members less than $10 per class which is a great deal.

Will I lose weight?

Yes! CrossFit in combination with a healthy diet (which we will teach you) will help you decrease your body fat and increase lean body mass.

Is CrossFit Safe?

This is important. Please read carefully. CrossFit is designed to be infinitely scalable. A good coach will teach you the mechanics of the movements, make sure you can execute them consistently with great form and technique, then and ONLY then should a coach suggest you use a heavier weight or go faster or go longer. MECHANICS, CONSISTENCY then INTENSITY, is our philoshy here at CrossFit Marshfield. Injuries occur when coaches do not enforce mechanics and consistency and allow members to advance to quickly. Additionally, the movements in CrossFit are used in everyday life. We deadlift (pick objects off the ground), squat (sit down and stand up), press (put things above our head), etc. When we lose the capacity to perform these movements we lose the capacity to live independently. So if you are in a rush to get to a nursing home or do not want to be an active participant in society, then do not do CrossFit.

Will CrossFit make me Bulky?

NO! CrossFit will only make you stronger and healthier. Follow the program frequently enough and you will look toned and feel great. Bulky generally requires consuming huge amounts of food and ignoring many aspects of total fitness- neither of which we practice nor recommend. We focus on all 10 of the recognized general fitnss skills and our results have been nothing but strong, fit, lean physiques.

How long does it take to see some benefit?

In 2-4 weeks of consistant workouts you will begin to see changes in your body and feel improvements in your attitude, mental sharpness, ability to move and capacity to respond to stress. You'll look better and feel better faster than on any other workout you've ever done.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in giving us a try you can do so with no obligation as your first class is free. No previous skills or athletic abilities are required. Anyone can join, and all are welcome. Just give us a call at 781-536-4992. It's that easy. If you still have more questions or are still not sure if this is for you then you can set up a free, no obligation consultation where you can come see the facility and meet with one of our highly certified coaches where you can have all your questions answered in peson.

Crossfit Marshfield

835 Plain St,

Marshfield, MA 02050

Phone. 781-536-4992

Email. info@crossfitmarshfield.com