10 Reasons Why CrossFit isn’t Working for You

Sometimes when I tell people that I hate hiking, they look at me like I just said that all of the world’s puppies should be executed. If I could get all of the nature scenery and majestic mountain top views without all of the bug bites, sweat in my eyes, bad energy bars and where-should-I-pees, then hiking would be kinda nice.
Most people want the proverbial paleo cake and eat it too. They want all of the rewards with none of the sacrifice. CrossFit is not a magic bullet to fitness. It’s not the second coming of JesusFit. CrossFit is simply one catalyst to help you attain the highest level of fitness possible. The beauty is that it is extremely effective and efficient and can work for just about anyone. If it hasn’t worked for you, then here are the top 10 reasons why:

10. You think you’re committed but you really aren’t – Just about everyone who walks in the door says they workout 3-5 times every week. Every. Single. Week. They are fed up and want something that is really going to work. Then when it’s time to sign up for a membership they say, “Well, I was thinking, um, like once or twice a week”. Whoa, wait a minute. I thought you were already working out 5 times a week. Now it’s two? If you can’t whole heartedly commit at least 4 hours (preferably about 6 hours) a week to fitness, then you probably aren’t going to reach your goals. I get it, life is busy. Just go try telling that to the single mom on the pull-up bar who just got done with her double day.

9. Grizzly Bear Diet – Dane always talks about his grizzly bear diet consisting of late night DiGiorno pizzas, ice-cream and Oreos. Now you may not eat that terribly, but you may have your little vices. That venti mocha latte frapafattachino isn’t doing you any favors in the weight loss department. Here’s a tip: Just because they are mini Snickers doesn’t mean you can eat a bakers dozen of them. That also goes for donut holes. Clean up your diet all around. Maybe you eat too much, or not enough. Be sure that you are getting enough veggies and protein and fat. It is your fuel.

8. Mediocrity Safe House – I don’t mean mediocre in the sense of all the athletes in the gym. I mean relative to what you are capable of. True, we tell all of our beginner athletes to take the first couple weeks easy and slowly push themselves in weights and times. Some people get stuck in a scaling safe zone. I get that it’s scary to push yourself, but isn’t that why you joined a CrossFit gym in the first place? Slowly start pushing yourself just to the edge of your limits. You can always scale back down if it becomes too difficult.

7. Old Habits – Somewhere along the way we all developed some bad habits. Some of these habits may be something as simple as staying up too late watching TV. This lack of sleep can be the difference between a good workout and a bad one, or working out at all. Identify your bad habits and prevent them from happening in the future. Then work on replacing those bad habits with good habits.

6. Get Stronger – Most people come into CrossFit ready to do a MetCon, you know, that “3,2,1…Go” thing people associate with CrossFit. Unfortunately, some of those metcons don’t easily scale down by simply putting lower weights on them. Some of the quick and dirty metcons won’t illicit the right stimulus for your body simply because you aren’t strong enough. If you hold back on our strength portion of the workouts to get a better time on the metcon, then you are doing yourself a disservice in the long run.

5. Lack Mobility – Who knew that 15 years of bench press, leg extension and elliptical would cause muscle imbalances? If you can’t get in to the right position for our exercises, then your body will compensate and sacrifice proper technique to complete the task. Usually joints are what start hurting first. Mobilizing and prepping for movements helps keep our tissues healthy so we can do more work and lift more heavy stuff pain free.

4. Do your Homework – You are never going to get better if all you do is yell “TIME!” and then grab your car keys and drive home. Want to get better at pull-ups? Well you should probably practice a few every single day. Double unders aren’t going to get better by you watching Shark Week. Practice.

3. Have some fun – I tell every new On-Ramper, “If you don’t have fun doing this, then you should probably go somewhere else”. CrossFit can get you in great shape, but if you aren’t having fun while doing it, it can be a daunting task. Make some friends. Race some people. Crack a joke. Dance to “Call Me Maybe”. Whatever you need to do to not have to think about running up a hill or doing burpees. The more fun you have the more effective it will be.

2. Progress through Progression – The ego can be a tricky thing. I have seen people get their first kipping pull-up and then hop up on the rings to attempt a muscle-up. Things in life don’t work that way. You have to follow certain progressions or you crash and burn. Just because you won a high school debate doesn’t mean you should run for President. Practice the progressions. Master the “uncool” movements and everything else will fall into place.

1. Excuses are like… – We all know the phrase. Our minds will create just about any excuse to justify our lack of results. Do not create excuses, come up with solutions and plans. Find a way to be successful. Have a little injury? You can still workout around it. Don’t know how to cook? Learn how. The beauty of the CrossFit revolution is that it has created an open source wealth of knowledge. It has also created online communities of people who are working through problems just like yours. If you need help, all you need to do is ask.

There you have it. If you are honest to God, doing all of these things and still not seeing the results you want, then come talk to me personally and I’ll refund all your money back. I know you can also feel like you plateau or need help getting over a hurdle in your training. We will start doing 30-minute private consults to help with your training and your goals. -Unknown

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