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Intense interval training seems to boost older cells, even reversing some of aging's effects, study finds

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In the 1800s, Sylvester Graham scornfully wrote of fatty meats’ driving sexual desire. His cure: whole wheat. Later in the century, John Harvey Kellogg, a Graham follower, espoused the same wisdom, adding that too much lard would cause bowel backup. His solution: vegetarianism. This way of eating, both men argued, was also a way to avoid disease and prolong life. But our disdain for dietary fat started much earlier than the 19th century—years before either man created his intentionally bland recipe for Graham crackers or Kellogg’s corn flakes. Lipophobia The diets of most native peoples the world over—from the aboriginals in Canada to the Maasai in East Africa—have been characterized by animal fat. Some indi...

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A California senator has yet again introduced a bill that would require health-warning labels on sugar-sweetened beverages sold in the Golden State.

Sen. Bill Monning (second from right above) introduced Senate Bill 300 on Monday.

SB 300 would require beverages with added sweeteners of 75 calories or more per 12 ounces to have a warning label that states: “STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and tooth decay.”

This is Monning’s third try at getting the legislation passed.

"The problem we seek to address continues and is, in fact, getting worse," Monning told the Journal on Monday, referencing growing rates of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. "As ...

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