100 Minutes of Fresh Air Challenge

There are some days in the winter when the only fresh air we get comes from the walk from our cars into the office or a store.

Getting enough fresh air is SO important for both our bodies and our minds.

In fact, fresh air will help:

  • Increase your energy level

  • Boost your immune system

  • Improve Digestion

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve your ability to focus

  • And even increase happiness!

Here’s a cool article that outlines the benefits:

This week, even if you have to work long hours at the office, I’m challenging you to make time for some fresh air!

Your challenge is to spend 100 minutes OUTSIDE soaking up the fresh air and beautiful sunshine.

Even if the weather is not perfect, bundle up and make it happen. You’ll be glad that you did!

Are you IN for our 100 minutes of fresh air challenge this week!?

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